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Have More Control With The Scotiabank Rewards Visa Card [published 20 Oct 2014]
The Scotiabank Rewards Visa card gives rewards for spending, a grace period to avoid purchase interest, fraud protection, and the ability to transfer balances and obtain cash from the card. It gives cardholders the ability to do what they want to do with some control over costs.

Travel Protections And More With AMEX AeroplanPlus Platinum Card [published 20 Sep 2014]
The American Express AeroplanPlus Platinum Card is a card of the highest regard from American Express. It offers a number of travel and shopping protections, as well as travel, shopping, and entertainment rewards just for using the card instead of using cash.

The Straightforward No-Fee Scotiabank Value Visa Card [published 20 Aug 2014]
The No-Fee Scotiabank Value Visa card has a low rate, a grace period that helps you avoid interest, no annual fee, and it is rather straightforward in its fees and other elements. That way, cardholders are able to get the most out of their cards without spending most of their money on interest and fees.

The Impact Of Your Credit Score On Insurance Rates [published 20 Jul 2014]
There has been a long-standing argument about whether or not credit scores have an impact on insurance rates. Many have outlined the benefits of such a practice, while others have outlined the harm that can be done. What some may not realize is that they have options.

Don't Build Debt When You Can Build Memories [published 20 Jun 2014]
Holidays are occasions where you can make memories, but they are also occasions where individuals go into debt. The question is whether or not debt is necessary during these times of year, especially when there are ways to avoid debt and focus more on the memories made with friends and family.

MBNA Rewards World Elite MasterCard Rewards You And Saves Money [published 20 May 2014]
The MBNA Rewards World Elite MasterCard is a credit card that is designed to reward its cardholders with generous savings, point earning opportunities, and more. Cardholders are also afforded the ability to transfer balances from high interest cards, opt for insurance, and more.

How You Can Avoid ATM Fees [published 20 Apr 2014]
People don't like to be charged a lot of fees. This is why they are always looking for ways to minimize what they pay for banking and even ATM fees. When it comes to ATMs, the fees can add up. That is why people are looking to cut those fees down as much as possible.

Travel For Less With The Last Minute Club MasterCard [published 20 Mar 2014]
The Last Minute Club MasterCard is a travel rewards card that makes travel easier and more affordable. With a number of perks, no annual fee, an overall low cost to have the card, and the opportunity to pay a lot less for travel, it is a card that pays for itself again and again.

5 Common Errors Found On Credit Reports [published 20 Feb 2014]
Errors on your credit report can have an impact on your credit rating and this can prevent you from securing new credit. It is important to be aware of the different types of errors that occur and how to take care of them so you can rectify them if this happens to you.

Does Debt Have An Expiration Date? [published 20 Oct 2013]
It can be difficult to be in debt, which may have you wondering if it has an expiration date. The harassing calls, the anxiety associated with being sued, and the stigma that being in debt casts over you are all things that you may be wishing to rectify.

The Harley-Davidson MasterCard – Satisfy Your Adventure Craving [published 20 Sep 2013]
The Harley-Davidson MasterCard is a rewards card that is designed for Harley-Davidson enthusiasts but has features that can benefit virtually everyone to some extent. The interest is reasonable, fees are low, there is no annual fee, and there are protections for purchases, as well as when traveling.

The Market For Branded Prepaid Cards Is Growing [published 20 Aug 2013]
Prepaid cards have been around for quite some time, but the state of the global economy caused them to grow in popularity as more people decided they wanted to use less credit without giving up the freedom that a credit card gives.

What To Do When Your Child Uses Your Credit Card Without Asking [published 20 Jul 2013]
Children can do some rather extreme things sometimes. Other times they can do something bad out of simply not knowing any better. If your child uses your credit card, it is best to know what you can do about it and what you can’t do so you can decide how you want to treat the situation.

AMEX AeroplanPlus Gold Card Makes Travel More Convenient [published 20 Jun 2013]
The American Express AeroplanPlus Gold Card is a charge card that serves as an effective alternative for cash in that miles are accumulated with purchases so they can be redeemed for rewards. In addition, cardholders receive a number of travel, shopping, and entertainment rewards exclusive to AeroplanPlus Gold cardholders.

MBNA TrueLine MasterCard Is A Card That Treats Cardholders Fairly [published 5 Jun 2013]
The TrueLine MasterCard is a card that is very easy to use and understand. It is not a rewards card, but it does provide its cardholders with a number of travel and shopping perks, as well as a very competitive APR.

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