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Travel For Less With The Last Minute Club MasterCard

by MarketProSecure

The Last Minute Club MasterCard rewards its cardholders with exclusive benefits and unprecedented travel savings with its Last Minute Club membership, introductory rates, and other benefits that come with the card. It is a card that is not expensive to have because it is designed to save so much.

First, you may be wondering about the Last Minute Club. This is a club that provides individuals with exclusive travel benefits. It is like a travel agency, but it isn't. For instance, you get the lowest guaranteed prices possible compared to anywhere else, you are able to acquire the MBNA Last Minute Club MasterCard to help you receive free travel by earning points. The Last Minute Club MasterCard also gets you a free classic membership.

The club also gives you a discount off of admittance to Plaza premium Lounges and savings from Park n' Fly. If you decide to upgrade to a premium membership, which means paying the difference between the classic membership and the premium, you will receive 2 free Sunquest Vacations flights to one of a number of destinations. You also receive free access for two individuals to the Plaza Premium Airport First Class Lounge once per year. This pass can be used at any time.

There are also special benefits for corporate memberships. To reduce the cost of travel, the Last Minute Club has special employee or group benefit plans that have 10 or more members enlisted. This is another area where having a Last Minute Club MasterCard can benefit you. This membership is just one of the benefits that the card offers, but it is one that can save a lot of money on travel versus traveling without the club membership. Because it comes automatically with the card, you have instant access to everything the classic membership has to offer.

International Use

Because the card has the MasterCard logo, it can be used internationally. The fee for foreign transactions is a small percentage of the transaction amount. It is a fee that is much less than what the fees for such transactions typically are on a credit card. Nonetheless, you can use it and receive points for your eligible purchases. These points are then redeemed toward free travel.

Even if your card is lost or stolen while you are traveling abroad, the card can be replaced while you are on the go. Measures can be taken to ensure you get the card because you don't want to be without it, especially if you must rely on it when you are traveling. Arrangements are made to get the card to you as soon as possible and at a safe location.

Account Abilities

Other than earning points that you can redeem, there are other functions that this account has. The first is the ability to transfer your balance from a high interest credit card to this one. This can save you a lot of money on interest. Balance transfers also have a designated annual interest rate that may be separate from the standard rate of the card.

Second, you are able to take cash advances from the card. The fee for this is a small percentage of the transaction amount and that fee is typically less than the up to 5% or more transaction fee of competitor cards. This is per transaction and cash advances have their own annual interest rates.

You can also use the card for wire transfers, which is something that not all credit cards do. There is a per transaction fee with this that is a percentage of the transaction. There is also an APR and a percentage transaction fee for access cheques and deposits.

If you need a credit increase, they can be granted and this is a card that can allow for a rather generous amount of available credit when the card is managed well by the cardholder. That way you can make all of your traveling dreams a reality.


Overall, the fees are low and the card keeps them to a minimum. The more controllable account fees, such as the over the limit fee and the returned access cheque fee, are also lower than the industry average. All the costs combined still make this card affordable to have and one that pays for itself because of the travel savings that it produces.

The travel savings start with the points earnings. You do receive bonus points after your first eligible purchase. Your Last Minute Club membership also ensures that you receive reductions in your travel costs. The deals, the perks, and the savings can help you go to the destination you want to go to rather than have to compromise because money is an issue. You deserve to take the trip that you want.

You can also rest assured when using the card domestically, online, or while traveling that your account is being monitored by around-the-clock fraud protection and that there is a customer service department that is there to answer questions when you have them. Online account management gives a lot of answers since you can review the account at your leisure and at your pace. If the answer is not there or you can't find it, customer service is available 24/7 to help you.

There are also introductory rates on specific functions on the card. For instance, you may receive an introductory rate on balance transfers for a specific amount of time or you may receive an introductory AIR on purchases. Either way, the idea is for you to be able to save money while enjoying all of the benefits the card and the Last Minute Club membership have to give you.

Final Word

The Last Minute Club MasterCard is a travel rewards card that helps cardholders take the vacations they want and deserve. It is obvious through all of the benefits that the best interest of the cardholder was kept in mind when this program was developed, as well as the well-being of the cardholder's wallet when considering the cost of the card and the savings passed down on travel.

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Article: Travel For Less With The Last Minute Club MasterCard

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